Negeri Sembilan Confident Against Terengganu Tonight : LIVE STREAMING Final Piala Malaysia 2011

Just a week before the Malaysia Cup final, the price of tickets was the hotly debated issue.But tonight at 8.45pm, the focus will fall squarely on Terengganu and Negri Sembilan as they battle to be crowned champions of the oldest football competition in the country.

The last time Terengganu were in the final 10 years ago, they emerged victorious, while for Negri, it will be their third straight final. Both teams started the competition from Group B, but based on the outcome then, Negri hold the edge after beating Terengganu 1-0.

So who will emerge victorious in tonight's final showpiece? Will the Deers outsmart their foes or will the slow and steady Turtle wins the battle? Based on recent performances, it is hard to pinpoint a clear favourite.

In theory, Terengganu seem to have the edge with balanced strength in every department, plus being crowned FA Cup winners proves they have what it takes when it comes to big matches.

Their deadly trio of Abdul Manaf Mamat, Ashaari Shamsuddin and Abdul Hadi Yahaya will be coach Irfan Bakti's not-so-secret weapon, and Negri would be foolish to give even an inch of space to any one of the three strikers. Nurhafiz Zamani Misbah will have the tough task to neutralise Terengganu's attacking threat so expect Negri’s defence to struggle.

Skipper Marzuki Yusof however has refused to believe Terengganu are the front-runners. Singling out Negri's Setiu-born striker Hairuddin Omar as their main threat. Despite playing alongside each other the last time the cast coast team won the Malaysia Cup, Marzuki is confident he will be able to shackle Hai-O's movement.

As for Negri Sembilan, they will be banking on the experience of playing in the Malaysia Cup final three times in a row, and hopefully a third time is a charm. Their early season disappointment has long been forgotten, now that their top players are back and fresh from injuries.

Captain Shukor Adan's movement may have become slower but the veteran player has been using his vast experience to dictate the tempo and providing laser-precision passes out wide, where the wily and speedy Shahurain Abu Samah or S. Kunanlan await on the wing.

According to Negri's coach Azraai Khor Abdullah, they are at the peak of their performance: "We are ready, mentally and physically."He said his players' morale is high despite the inconsistent weather, which has put a damper on their training sessions.
"We are full of hope to achieve victory," Azraai Khor said."I consider Terengganu the best team at the moment. They are the FA Cup winners, Super League runners-up and now they are in the final. They are an accomplished side."But all that will not be an excuse and coincidentally, I hope the Malaysia Cup would be a fitting birthday present."

Azraai Khor also said that his team are ready to face extra time should the full time end in a draw but he is also confident Terengganu can be eliminated in normal time.